The International Virtual e-Hospital (IVeH) Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c3), with its headquarters in Arlington, VA. IVeH was created to assist in rebuilding the public healthcare system in developing countries.

We strive towards this goal by introducing and implementing telemedicine, telehealth, and virtual education programs through the concept of the IVeH Network.

IVeH is managed solely by its volunteers and governed by an international Board of Directors.

Since its establishment in 2001, IVeH has worked diligently on establishing a fully functional and integrated regional telemedicine network and virtual education network in the Balkans.

We work towards accomplishing this goal through a strategy that we have named “Initiate- Build- Operate and Transfer (IBOT)” . This effective strategy combines the establishment of robust telemedicine network and infrastructure, virtual educational programs through international collaboration and creation of human capacities that independently manage telemedicine and telehealth programs.

This helps us to create an affordable model and ensures full sustainability for our application in developing countries around the world.