International Virtual e-Hospital Foundation

The International Virtual e-Hospital (IVeH) Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing healthcare services globally by leveraging technology and digital platforms. The foundation aims to bridge the digital divide in healthcare access and delivery, particularly in undeveloped regions of the world, and countries. The story of this organization is rich and personal. It hasĀ been part of the redevelopment of the Republic of Kosova, as it came out of the major war with international and NATO involvement.

The IVeH Foundation focuses on implementing telemedicine and e-health initiatives to improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare services. Telemedicine involves the use of telecommunications technology to provide remote medical consultations and treatment, allowing patients to benefit from healthcare expertise regardless of their geographical location.

The foundation collaborates with healthcare institutions, universities, governments, and industry partners to develop and implement sustainable healthcare solutions. They provide technical expertise, resources, training, and infrastructure support to healthcare organizations, enabling them to establish telemedicine networks and e-health systems.

Key initiatives of the IVeH Foundation include:

  1. Establishment of Telemedicine Networks: We assist in setting up telemedicine networks that connect healthcare providers, specialists, and patients. These networks facilitate real-time video consultations, remote diagnostics, and the exchange of medical information.
  2. Telemedicine Education and Training: The large cadre of experts affiliated with the IVeH foundation offers educational programs and training resources to healthcare professionals, helping them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in telemedicine practices. This helps to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare services.
  3. E-Health Assessments and Technical Consultations: Through e-health platforms, the IVeH Foundation provides assessments, consultations, and second opinions by technical and medical experts. This helps individuals in remote or disadvantaged areas access specialized healthcare advice and ensures accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.
  4. Medical Missions and Mobile Clinics: The foundation organizes medical missions and deploys mobile clinics to reach communities in remote or disaster-stricken locations. These initiatives provide vital healthcare services, including medical examinations, screenings, and treatment, performed by local physicians and experts from a broad when required.

Overall, the IVeH Foundation strives to leverage technology to overcome the barriers of distance and limited resources in healthcare delivery. By promoting telemedicine and e-health solutions, we aim to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance access to quality healthcare services globally.

  1. Health Information Systems: IVeH with its partners assists healthcare organizations in implementing health information systems and electronic medical records (EMR). These systems enable the efficient management of patient data and medical records, facilitating better coordination and continuity of care.
  2. Capacity Building and Infrastructure Support: IVeH supports healthcare institutions in building their capacities for medicine services by building technical expertise, resources, and infrastructure support. This includes helping establish the necessary equipment, network connectivity, and systems required for telemedicine operations.
  3. Research and Collaboration: IVeH promotes research and collaboration in telemedicine and e-health. We actively engage with healthcare institutions, universities, governments, and industry partners to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and develop innovative solutions for improved healthcare delivery.

Through these services, the IVeH Foundation aims to bridge healthcare gaps, enhance access to healthcare services, and improve health outcomes globally using technology-enabled solutions.

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