Ramiz Tafilaj, Director, Board of Directors

Ramiz Tafilaj is an Albanian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, and publisher, who during the 1990s became one of the most influential Albanian-American businessmen, as well as one of the most prominent activists of the Albanian cause.

He was committed for a long time to the liberation and independence of Kosova, and also helped Albania in its transition towards democracy in the 1990s.

In addition to organizing cultural activities in the service of bringing Albanians as close as possible to the people and leaders of American institutions, he has also published a successful series of books, the first comprehensive history of Kosovo of its kind, which has influenced the general political situation in the Western Balkans.

Mr. Tafilaj is a renowned humanist through his deeds, appreciated and recognized by many high prizes and awards in Kosova, Albania, and United States.